Philopsophy & Mission Statement:
  As an educator, hometown Chicoan, and most importantly, mother; I can only strive each day to do everything I can for my son and the children in my life. Providing an environment that accepts what nature has given us, and nurture the way we raise our children, our preschool has a genuine appreciation for our future. Bringing together highly qualified staff, members of our community, interns, parents and family, we can make a place that celebrates a cultural and artistic view of the world. Children require and deserve to have time to play, interact, problem solve and grow in an integrated-multi-thematic approach.
   Preschoolers should be allowed to explore their environment through hands on, age appropriate spaces. I believe that providing Preschool age children clear boundaries within these spaces is crucial in developing a sense of independence, self-regulation and critical thinking skills. Alongside these elements, using their natural sensibility children should also be encouraged to invent, paint, sculpt, sew, role-play, garden and exercise. Healthy living through clean, environmentally sound materials when possible are encouraged and provided.
    I believe that from the influences of home, school and life, elementary age children need safe, secure and uplifting space to be in. Providing work areas, independent time, and artistic opportunities allows self-discovery, confidence and cooperative interactions within group settings. Older children can bring such richness to each other’s lives through shared experiences, cross-age activities and have a sense of ownership in the activities they get to do!
My hope is that through this program for young children, we are supportive of each others ways, beliefs and practices. Under one roof, we can come to an understanding of our social and education worlds. The Theories of Montessori, Emilio Reggio, Piaget, Erikson and Bowlby in the field of Child development give us guidelines to start and learn from, but we must take a hold of those and put into practice what we know and love…our children.