* Tuition is due on the first of each month (3, 4, or 5 week months, remains the same) a late fee applies on the 5th. Your scheduled days are not interchangeable with others days because of holidays, vacations, sick days.
*ALL CHILDREN MUST BE POTTY TRAINED! Accidents happen, and we are prepared for that, but your child must be able to independently use the bathroom.
*Please watch your children at all times, unenrolled children cannot be left unattended during any event, visit or drop off/pick up time.
 *Please be on time..wait for your class time to start before entering. Call if absent.
*Be respectful of helpers in the school. Interns, student teachers, grandparents and community members are all part of your child's experience in their education.
*If your child has any allergies, special needs, changes in health or well-being, INFORM US to the best of your knowledge! It is so much more helpful to approach you and your child if we are informed!
*Our school is located near a busy street, do not leave your child to walk alone or run out of your sight. The front fenced yard is for your visiting, transition and lesiure time!
*Parents participating in school events/visits/fieldtrips must have a copy of immunizations on file.
These are guidelines that we'd like your cooperation in following:
Forms for enrollment:
Emergency Information:
Physician's Report
Parents Report:
Children's Rights:
Parent's Rights:
Medical Release:
Immunization record:
 (copy from Physician)
ALL of these forms MUST be filled out before starting your first day! 
*You  must have the physician's report completed.
*In accordance with California law, all children must be fully immunized before enrollment.